Some beauty tips you probably didn’t know !

I learned this tips from a cousin that is a makeup artist. And I thought it would be a great idea to share it with you guys for your special occasions. Also if you are in prom season worth reading 😀


– if you are planning to to use a bold lipstick, conceal really well your imperfection for the special event, attending or the special occasion you are planning to wear it. This is due that the bold colors make them more evident.

– You can actually get inspired by your outfit colors and wear a complete opposite color of lipstick ( who said we had to match completely, remember to have fun! 🙂 )

– if you are one of those lipgloss lover, keep in mind that when you apply it on top of your lipstick, don’t start to rub your lips. Because by doing this you are crushing the lipgloss molecules and that makes it less durable on your lips.

– When using a a lip liner make sure it is the same color as your lipstick or a really approximate match. This will make your bold lips to stand out more, be more perfect,and last more.

– If you have to talk in public or have any kind of presentation,that requires speaking to an audience, don’t hesitate highlighting your lips with a really strong color. This is a good way to make people pay attention to you because they have all the attention in your mouth.

– if your lips are thin, don’t line them outside your natural lip line, with this you are just creating a fake look. ( embrace what you have ! Bold lips look amazing on thin lips!)

That is it for today guys hope you find it usefull!
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My favorite red lipsticks

So today as I was getting ready to go out, I decided it was a good idea to share with you guys some of my red lipsticks,lipbutters,and lip stains, and also some tinted lip balms. I got to tell you guys that I am a huge red-lip wearer no matter what time of the years. I usually don’t wear the in a really intense way I wear them really softly on my lips.
So without more rambling lets get to the point!

I prep my lips with this Chapstick in cherry because it help to smooth my lips and start giving a rosy tint to it, plus it has SPF that protects them.

When I want a really natural look I just apply a real tiny amount of my Revlon ultimate suede that is in a real intense red, and the amazing part is that it is like a Chapstick consistency so it looks really smooth on the lips, and it is a really approximate shade to my natural lips color so it just enhance them.

This stain is really good I am not going to enter into much detail, because you guys can check more about it on my lips on the go! Blogpost I did before. I use this when I want something that is going to last me for hours on a row and never fade away.

This maybelline red is amazing when I want a really bold lip, and for a really special dinner or night out. It is just the perfect pin up color that combined with my porcelain skin give a doll effect.

This lipstick is one that I was sent by a Brazilian company called Natura and I’ve start to love because it is so buildable guys that I just use it as a little stain and last me all the day or you could use it for that really bold matte lips,but I never use it for those purposes.

This two are ones that are soft as butter just as it’s name,the first is more of a burgundy red color and the other one a bright red. I use them a lot because they are really light. But a thing I don’t like is that they don’t last really long on your lips.

Finally my Mac red that I use for special times, I am not getting into much detail because I talked about it on my beauty scenario tag! Head over there to check that out. And I always want to show you more new products I genuinely love and really enjoy, plus that they are really affordable.

So that is it for you guys I hope you liked seen my red top loves lol :).
And also that you could pick your favorite from my recommendations and the ones I live and enjoy.
Until next time
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