Breakfast healthy idea!

Today I come to you guys with a breakfast idea! For those days when you wake up and simply don’t know what to prepare. This happens to me constantly, that is why I decided to share it with you. I decided to do this because beauty not only consist on the clothes you wear or the makeup you wear it consists in the things you eat! I have to do a disclaimer, this is what I like to eat and the things that work for me, also what I consider healthy. I am not a professional I just do what I like. So let’s begin!

This idea is really easy, and has a combination of vegetables and fruit,also grains and protein that gives you the energy to start your day.
First let’s start with the smoothie!

For this one you could add as much or less as you want. It really goes with personal preference.
– One pear
– Four strawberries
– One carrot
– Four leaves of spinach
– oatmeal or granola as you prefer

You simply put the mentioned ingredients in the blender and add a little bit of water and almond milk it depend on the number of glasses you want to make, and blend very well.
The next step is to make a boiled egg. It is really easy and nutritious. You just get a pan put water and a little bit of vinegar so the egg doesn’t break and just wait around 8 minutes. Then you peel it and slice it in two and apply a little of pepper. To accompany my smoothie and egg I like to get some Quakers cookies that have 7 grains and are really tasty.
And that is it !! you have a lovely and easy breakfast idea!


That is it for today guys I really hope you enjoy and find it useful and remember beauty is not just the fashion and the makeup it is also what you give your body. Also don’t forget to drink lots of water!
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