My top 4 most used spring nail polishes!

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Today I wanted to share with you guys the nail-polishes I’ve been gravitating the most this spring! I repeat them every time I paint my nails.

This pastel pink color is really cute and I find that it resembles a cupcake!
It is called heart of stone !

This one is the perfect type of pink it makes my hands look with a lot of life, and also really complements fair skin tones. Reminds me of a doll and everyone wants to feel like a doll 😉 . It is called Greenwich Village!

This one is not the typical spring color but I just think it breaks the thing a little bit, and It is perfect to give a different twist. As you can observe I don’t forget the name because it has another lid, sorry in that one 😉 .

To finish up my favorites..


My favorite my Mac mini in fiestaware. As the name says it is the perfect shade for pail skins and to be out of the typical orange color. And it is a complete fiesta in your finger tips ! 🙂

That is it for today guys, I am really making an effort on making my photography a more fun experience for you , and also making it different from the average blogger type of blog. Let me know if you like! By commenting and subscribing.
See you on the next one
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