Storm station

Hello peeps today I come to you with this amazing outfit! Featuring my favorite vintage type of jacket. I really thinks it brings a lot of texture with the leopard and also it really complements any type of outfit! It is really bold but I have the personality to rock it and I invite you all to get away of your comfort zone and I warranty you will never regret it. I pair it with my jean shorts and some black tights.
Until next time
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Hola a todos mis peeps! Hoy vengo con un outfit que me gusta mucho.
Es centrado en mi chaqueta estiló vintage. Creo esta chaqueta aporta demasiada textura y personalidad y complementa muy bien cualquier outfit. Decidí usar mis shorts de jean para contrarrestar el leopardo de la chaqueta. Y para que todo se unifique mis medias negras que resaltan las texturas.
Hasta la próxima
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