Hello my lovely peeps ! Today I’m here with this lovely outfit ! I was running errands with my brother so I decided to be very casual but at the same time really cozy. I am wearing this lovely pants that I find really fun to wear and spice any outfit. As a top my beloved red tank top that I find really appealing with my skin-tone because it brightens my face and makes it less dead looking lol. As a jacket I’ve been gravitating a lot towards my Levi’s jean jacket as you could probably tell. But you know what I’ve told you fashion is all about recycling and mixing things not buying like crazy ! 😉 I really love how this outfit turned out because is not the typical way to pair this items but all together I find that it is amayzing.
That is it for today guys ! Hope you enjoy
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Hola mis queridos peeps! Hoy vengo con este adorable outfit. Estaba haciendo diligencias con mi hermano así que decidí ponerme algo bastante casual pero ala vez demasiado cómodo. Use estos pantalones que tienen un material muy suave y me parece que son muy divertidos y le dan vida a cualquier outfit. Como top decidí usar mi tank rojo que ya han visto, me encanta porque le da vida a mi rostro y lo hace resaltar. Como chaqueta use mi chaqueta de jean que como se podrán cuenta me encanta. Pero la moda ya saben que es de reciclar y reutilizar la ropa! No sólo comprar como locos que es lo que nos hacen creer que es estar ala moda! 😉 me encanta como resulto este look.
Esto es todo por hoy ! Espero lo disfruten
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5 thoughts on “02.06.14

  1. I love every entry you post! You are really cute and have an amazing style you are going to be really big on the fashion blogging world ! ❤


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