Before the sun goes

I come to you with this Outfit from a couple of days back. I really love to pair tartan with leopard print and a lovely t-shirt. For me it is like a painting and it is really comfortable for me. I wear them because they make me feel happy and the materials of them are really comfortable. I really enjoy to go out and walk in the sun it is a nice way to think about your problems.
Hope you enjoy this short one
Until next time
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Hoy vengo con este outfit de unos días atrás. Me encanta usar pantalones escoceses con sacos o cosas que tengan puntas de leopardo. Para mi es como una pintura y es demasiado cómodo. Me hacen sentir alegre porque son distintos y nadie creería que se pudieran combinar tan bien. Soy una aficionada de salir en las tardes soleadas a caminar y a pensar en las cosas que tengo en la mente.
Espero hayan disfrutado esta corta entrada
Nos vemos en la próxima
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3 thoughts on “Before the sun goes

  1. I love your style! You are really gorgeous ! Such an anayzing blog ! Also really good Job on lookbook! I know you are Gonna be big


  2. You are a very beautiful women with an amazing body and your face is just perfection ! I really like how you dress and write ! Would enjoy meeting you


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