April beauty- makeup favorites!!!! :D

As we are to days to finish April I thought this next days I will share with you guys my favorites. Today is going to be beauty ones.
Let’s begin!! 🙂
skin care favorites.
Oriflame antioxidant face wash

As I featured on one of my posts I really enjoyed this moth to use it to exfoliate with a sponge. It has a really pleasant smell, and lathers really good on the skin.
Neutrogena deep clean astringent

This is really good for oily skins. I really don’t have an oily prone skin got one more sensitive. But you know in that time of the month, if I get a little blemish I put a tiny amount of this on top at night and it is amazing. The next day I don’t have it.

First aid beauty ultra repair cream

I recently ran out of my beloved cream that’s why I had to paste a picture that is not taken by me. This cream is really hydrating but the best part of it is that it is not greasy and absorbs really easy. I apply it every night, and it help to make my skin really soft and also free from discolorations.

Now let’s continue with the makeup department !

As mentioned in previous post I love this blush because it really complements fair skins and give a natural look. As it has a cream formula, it is really easy to apply without having to worry to much.

This month I’ve been really into countoring my crease with this mate cream eyeshadow to give dimension or to do it also with my Mac mineralize skin finish at nightime. Countering only your crease and not applying anything else on your eyes give a really natural but put together look.

I’ve been using as an eyeliner the l’bel effet parfait, the dark brown. It is really natural and easy. And as no surprise to you guys, I’ve been using a lot my vanilla eye pencil in my water line to brighten my eyes, and some days I don’t get to much sleep, my maybelline concealer in light.

For the lips department one of my favorites. I’ve been loving my Revlon balm stains, if you want more details I have a complete entry on my blog so go check it out! 😉 Also I’ve have notices that applying a little bit of my Mac gloss on the center of my lips is a really nice touch, plus it smells amazing!
And as you guys saw in my everyday makeup bag post, I use a lot my carmex lip balm, really good as a lip treatment.

Finally as I can’t live without perfume I have my favorite combo for the month

First I apply my Givenchy, Ange ou dèmon, that has a really strong smell, and then on top I use my Victoria’s Secret in aqua kiss that has a really floral but breezy scent that compensates the other one, and it stays in for all the day!

So those are the products I loved this moth guys!
Hope you enjoyed
Until next one 😉
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