Some of my Beauty natural weapons!

I know sometimes we are looking for some beauty secrets with just 100 precent of natural ingredients on them, I must confess I am one of those persons. Sometimes so today I decided to share with you four of my all natural little “recipes” for a gorgeous skin and hair.
So let’s jump to the point 😉

For the first one you are going pure extra olive oil, and honey. You are going to put 3 table spoons on a bowl of the olive oil and 2 of the honey ( depending on the amount you want to make). Then you heat that in the microwave, to allow all the nutrients on them start to act. And then you apply it on you hair, I recommend avoiding the roots. And leave it in for 30 ,I minutes and then rinse and shampoo as normal. This mask will help you to really hydrate your hair.

The next one is a really good scrub I learned it on the hair salon, when I go and get manicurs. You just need any type of hydrating cream and sugar. Then you mix both and apply it in your desired areas. After that you rinse it with water. It is a really soft but effective scrub, plus you could use it everywhere.

The next one is an avocado hair conditioner for people that have really dry hair. It is really easy and so effective.You just need one avocado ( for long hair) and after you shampoo you just apply it to damp hair to the ends not to the roots because you would make it really oily. And you let it hydrate for 3 minutes and then just rinse it with a lot of water.

The last one is one that I use almost daily. It is Argan oil they sell them in any beauty supply store. I apply it to my ends to keep them moisturized throughout the day. And it is very good for a finishing step after you style your hair.

So that is it for today, hope you liked it and try them.
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