Floral shorts 3 ways!

As I was taking some pictures of some of what are gonna be three must outfits for me I decided to share with you guys, due that I know it is sometime difficult to work with bold prints and colors. I use an app to plan my outfits that is why I plan sometimes ahead. It is called stylish girl. It consists on taking pictures of your hole outfits or just your simple pieces and you create looks, it gives you the option to safe them for different seasons. Also you can shop online for some pieces.
So here it my three ways to wear this vintage shorts!

This is a really cute but comfy way to incorporate a little bit of spring to your wardrobe, just by using some versatile pieces. The grey tank top is a must because it is really basic and you could use it in any season, I decided to pair it with this sweater, as I mentioned on my spring fashion essentials I love this type of sweaters for spring summer, and they are also really good for winter. If it gets windy I decided to use this knit purple scarf that keep me warm and also is a really good complement to bring out the color in the shorts. And my beloved distressed converse that give the final touch. If you don’t want to go with bare legs just add a pair of white socks or also grey knee high ones I just put together the outfit without.

The next one is really appropriate for any type of event! The black blouse mutes the complete outfit together and makes it more serious without letting the colors contrast with the purple boots.

The next one is my personal favorite! I love how the white tank top contrast with the black leather jacket and makes it kind of monochromatic but the shorts break that typical look, and the beanie ties in the look making it more comfy and effortless. I incorporated this keds shoes because I never use them. I think they are a good addition for spring and help to tie everything in, without having to use the typicall black shoes.

That is it for today guys !:D
Hope you enjoy and begin to wear your shorts, and floral prints mixing them with other seasons cloths, so you don’t have to invest every time 🙂
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