Busy day outfit!

Today I had a really busy day! Full with events,and also studying. So I figured why not to share with you a more smart type of outfit,but keeping true to my style. πŸ™‚
Let’s begin !!

I am a total black wearer it is my go to “color”, so I decided to wear my velvet leggings that are really true to my style and the most important really comfy, perfect for a stressful and busy day. Then I decided to wear one of my favorite tank tops ( you guys know I love my tank tops and my t-shirts) and this one complement my fair completion with my blonde hair perfectly plus I love red color. And to give me a smart look I decided to through my black blazer that instantly give me a super professional look. For my shoes I decided to go for my white distressed converse. Due to the very windy day and because I love the pattern I through on my snake print scarf and my lovely beanie. My faithful vintage bag that is really spacious but not bulky is always a must.


For my accessories I decided to add my spiked bangle because it is really true to my style and add a silver bracellette,it was gift from my mom and it gives me that smart look I was going for, and this really precious ring that has dimonds and onix in it, was a gift from my grandma. For earrings , I went for my Chanel earrings, I’ve been really liking the black with rose gold type of look, and also to mix metals.

For my makeup I applied my Revlon powder ( as you might me able to tell I hit pan, I am looking for a good light powder on the market,please,guys give me your recommendations in the comments). Also for my under eyes to be really bright ( you know we don’t get to sleep very well sometimes, that happens πŸ˜‰ ) using the maybelline concealer in light and on my checks a little bit of this cream peachy blush to give a less dead look lol!! For lips my Nivea tinted lip balm.
So that is it for today guys I hope you enjoyed my ootd and find inspiration with my ideas.
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