What is in my current makeup bag

Today I was packing my everyday makeup bag on my bag, and I figured It would be a good idea to show you what’s in it !

My lip Balms are very important! They are super must haves. The carmex one is amazing it really helps with chapped lips ( ain’t no body want chapped lips 😉 ) I apply it also at night before I go to bed as a lip treatment. And the Nivea one is really good because it is tinted so it is really soft when you don’t want too much on your lips, and also acts as a good base for your lipsticks.

Next is my matte powder, as I’ve mentioned on my previous blogposts, I am not a everyday foundation kind of girl I am more of a simple and practical one. And also I really don’t need it,if I have a blemish ( you know in that time of the month) I apply a little bit of powder with a little brush on top and that’s it. The other product you see is my Revlon sculpting palette that has three items in one and I love to highlight, I really think it give a nice touch without being to intense. It is really practical for touch ups throughout the day. And also a space saver.

This next two lipsticks I really enjoy and might not be a surprise, because I have talked about them in previous blogpost, so I am not going to enter into much detail, I just dab a little on my lips and they are perfect ( depending if I am felling super pinky or just my standard red).

Finally I like to apply on my waterline a beige color, it makes any type of eyes color, in my case my honey eyes really pop and look more light! And the next one,I know it might be a little strange! A little comb, I use it to put eyebrows in place. I really don’t need to fill them up ( I’ve got sort of a cara delevingne type of eyebrows lol). So I just comb them,to prevent them from having a proper life lol. Also this is a really good tip when you don’t have a brow type of brush.
That is it for today guys hope you liked browsing through my current daily makeup bag ! I wanted to make it a short entry regarding my latest have been a little bit extensive.
An 😉
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