Spring- summer nails inspired by the runways ..

Today I am coming to you guys with a very different thing,From the ones I am used to do on my blog. I was checking elle uk magazine and I decided to recreate two looks and share them with you guys! They are really simple, hope you try them at home.
So let’s begin
The first look is really easy it is especially for summer, I really liked it because it is really colorful and give a really nice touch.
The first picture if from New York spring summer 2014 fashion week in the Peter Som runway, and the second is taken from Paris fashion week at the Louis Vuitton show. I was more inspired by the peter som one,but the only difference to the other is their are matte. To make your nails matte without having to invest on a matte topcoat, you just put in a pan water to boil,when the water is boiling you put directly to the vapor your freshly painted nails and that’s it you have matte nails!
So for this look we need
One darker blue nail polish color, and a kind of turquoise one.
The next step is to paint all your nails with the darker blue color and let them dry really well. Once you have them dry you apply the turquoise color at the bottom part of your nails, and you should have something like this.
If your prefer you could do an arch to the turquoise part, I just find it easier to do a straight line.

The next trend is amazing for spring time, it is really feminine, and perfect also for special occasions.

This nails are from London fashion week at the Giles runway. Jeweled nails are a great accessory to any look.
As I don’t have any type of exact jewels for nails and the special glue I decided to be creative and use only nail polishes to achieve the look.I think they are pretty similar , and the good thing is that they are more wearable than putting on some jewels and also will last longer.
This are the polishes we will need
A lilac nail polish, a lilac or purple glitter polish,silver nail polish, a black one , and a gold one.
Another thing I have to tell you guys, if you don’t have a dotting tool don’t panic, remember we are imitating jewels, so we just use the tip of the normal nail polish brush we have. You can do the “jewels” as big or as little as you wish to.
So we start by painting all of the nails with the lilac color

Then we take the silver polish and make some type of dots ( the more imperfect the better) and then we get the black nail polish and do some more dots near the silver ones.

Then after those dry really well, we start to make more dots,but this time with the glitter polish on top of the black and silver ones we previously did,try to apply thick chunks, then you make a few ones (less than the others) with the gold one. And that is it you should have something similar as this ( remember you can do them as big or little as you wish).

So that is basically it I really hope you guys enjoy this tutorial type of thing and recreate the look! Tweet me pictures of your look to @andreflowerrett
See you on the next one
An 🙂
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