Lazy outfit !!!

Today was one of those days, you are really lazy and get dressed really late. So I put together an outfit to share with you guys but at the same time, wear it!

I love leather look alike leggings, they give my personal touch to an outfit and give me the leggings type of comfort. They also go with everything and are really versatile. Then I decided to wear my super chunky knit type of sweater that is really easy going, and tides everything together. I always wear my boots they are so trusty and simply give me lots of comfort. To put in all my random stuff I love this hand me down, bag my mom gave me, it is soo spacious but at the same time has the great size,not to feel you are carrying a whole load of luggage .

For my makeup I just wear sunscreen, obviously you know I love my lipsticks so I only wear that. I used my Revlon lipbutter On top, I featured in yesterday post, and my Mac lipstick in spice. This helps my lipstick to be darker. And for accessories I wear this two spiked bangles, and this little bangle I got on a flee market.

So that is it for today’s ootd, hope you enjoy, until next time
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