My spring beauty must haves !!

As I did my spring fashion and odd must haves, I decided it was a great idea to share with you my beauty ( skin, and makeup) one. I am not one to use lots of makeup or go towards a smokey eye everyday, as you would see it is really simple items. They also work for me and I really recommend them, but keep in mind guys that what may work for me in a certain way may not be the same way in other person.

So let’s begin with the party 🙂

So these to skin care items, may not be so popular or might be unknown in the internet world ( but you know that’s why I am here to change things up a little). The cream I use it as a daily morning moisturizer, before I apply my sunscreen and my eye cream. I really recommend, is not greasy, and leaves your skin silky soft. The antioxidant face wash I use only to exfoliate with a loofa, definitely don’t use it daily.

Next I have a lipstick that is a little bit old ( my vintage touch :p) it is a peachy pink color by Victoria’s secrete, also I love to apply my lip butter by Revlon in honey douch ( see my lips on the go! Entry to get a look at the swatches), and also my maybelline lip butter, as you guys can see I am into the pinky, peach colors for this time of the year they give a really warm tone to the face that resemble the spring amazing time. The next two items I use all the time are two blushes the first one is a peach one that softens the look but give you life to the face, and also it is really funny because it bounces each time you apply it, and the good side of applying with your fingers is that you could get a really natural seamless look. Next one is by giordani, one blush I love because it give that Greek goodness type of look plus you don’t have to apply highlighter( two in one combo).

Finding a face powder that matches my paper completion is a really hard one so I like using this mineral finishing powder that is really natural on the skin and is really true to my skin color. So please guys leave your recommendations of some really light face powders you like on the comments below ! Another thing I use all the time not only in spring but also in summer is the Mac fix plus spray because it sets my makeup and make it last all day but also is really good to apply throughout the day to refresh from the sun and hot weather, that is a really good and helpful tip for you guys. The next two thing from Mac is the green eyeshadow I use it as eyeliner, it gives me a really interesting look to my honey eyes and guys it is nice to experiment with different type of eyeliners at this time of the year. The champagne one is my all time favorite eyeshadow I use it on my tear-dot to highlight and it is amazing.

I have to confess that one of my most important things is to smell delicious, so I love to get a really coconutty scent for my body cream, you can’t really go wrong. And then later with my Vera wang perfume that has a really mature version of your teenage super florally scent and lasts all the day. And as a perfume addicted that I am, just can’t use only one perfume, I love the bvlgary , it is so sweet but floral that simply give me that doll type of feeling.

That is it for today peeps, I really hope you liked it and find it pleasant to learn about some products. Leave a comment below with the word coconut if you get to this part of the post lol.
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