My secrete beauty not conventional weapons !

Hello guys!
Yesterday I came across Fleur de Force video that feature some unconventional beauty things. And I must confess to you guys that I had thought on sharing with you some of my odd but really useful things that people don’t normally talk about, so when I saw fleur’s video I was motivated and decided to share them with you guys.
So the first one is sodium bicarbonate ( baking soda) , it is really easy to get and I use it to clean my jewelry, I get a towel rinse it with water and apply a little of my daily shampoo and a little of sodium bicarbonate and start cleaning one by one it is really good for those gold or silver jewelry pieces that start to get dirty and are very noticeable.

Another one I really use is heat protectant spray for hair, it is really good to take away of fabric those nasty nail polish stains that we all get sometimes in our cloths, our bedding, or couches. You just spray a really good amount of this on the stain and it would start to break or it just acts as a barrier so when you wash the stain it comes out prefectly. You can also use hairspray but I prefer heat protectant.


Aloe crystals are a must for me I use them as a really hydrating hair mask, just by putting the crystals on the blender and placing the liquid on my hair and also I use it weekly to put it in my face as a face mask, it really helps you to have smooth skin and heal any imperfection.

Another really random one but that I use all the time I want to curl my lashes is a spoon a normal kitchen spoon , it is amazing because it doesn’t rips off your eyelashes, one of the things I am terrified of eyelash-curlers so I really recommend you use it.

And the last one of my weapons, is Vaseline I love the Johnson one, because it does not have a color and has a really light scent in it. I use it every night on my lips as a lip moisturizer and really guys for me it works wonderfully. And also I use it when I get those nasty dry patches on my skin, I apply a layer on the patch and the next day it is way better. Also on those special occasions where I want my perfume to last really long you apply a tiny bit of Vaseline behind your ears and then apply your perfume and I guaranty you that your perfume is going to linger better and last longer.

So that is it for today guys, I really hope you enjoy this beauty randomness.
Until next time ,
Love an ❤
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