Some of my spring fashion and random essentials..

As spring is here I decided to share with you guys some of my most used fashion and random items. This are the items I tend to gravitate the most during this time of the year and are considered as my basics. Although I often wear things that are not exactly a spring appropriate due that I gravitate more toward the grunge, rocker vibe but I always adapt this basic fashion items to my own style.


I love flowy pants like the ones you could observe in the collage,they are a must because I could combine the colors in it with basically any type of color and texture, and the way they fit on the body is amazing . I basically feel like wearing pajama bottoms all the day and don’t get overheated by temperature they are appropriate for warm days but also for really chilly ones. A mega plus is that I could dress them up if I need a formal but chill events by adding a pair of black boots or heels and a simple T-shirt with a leather jacket.

Other items that I really love are dresses, their not a thing I wear on my day to day basis because I personally prefer pants. But you know it is really good to get out of my comfort zone and some days I get the laziness away and stick to dresses. I love mid length dresses because I don’t have to worry about showing too much ( you got me right 🙂 ). I love striped simple dresses because I feel really fashionable and you could adapt them to any type of personal style. Also the flower dresses are a good way to give my outfit a more feminine touch and a good way to give color to it.

Basic t-shirts and tank tops are always my thing. I were them all year around , basically guys any thing that has a good print is right down my alley.
Basic light weight cardigans are super comfortable and I find that I could wear them in those days that you don’t know exactly how the weather is gonna be because no matter if it is cold or hot I am always good, plus I don’t have to carry a really chunky sweater. As a contrast I love my Burberry coat hand-me-down from my mom, because the color although is really delicate to take care it is appropriate for all the seasons ( a good way so you guys don’t spend your money in things that are appropriate for only one season). It is really light and it don’t get wrinkles easy so it is a total plus because we know that wrinkles are horrible! I just wear it button down with a tank underneath and jeans and I’m good to go. A light scarf with good and funky prints are a way to accessorize and be cozy. And obviously a good pair of shoes that you love and feel comfortable, I love my creep peeps, they are the best thing in the world for me and I use them everyday.

Finally as random essentials I love me some good but cheap candle ( I don’t see why investing on a expensive candle that is going to burn down, and in the market are some good ones that smell basically more and are really affordable). This last with a good book, and your pet are my favorite and the best company ( who needs more company hahaha).Or you could add another essential of mine that are my beats earphones they are best and really give you a great sound experience. And obviously my lovely cappuccinos that are the best thing for every season and my favorite hot drink.

So that is it for my fashion and random spring essentials! Hope you guys enjoyed it !
Leave me in the comets your fashion and random favorites, and also your thought and recommendations. 😀
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