Lips on the go!

Several months back I discovered the Revlon, just bitten kissable balm stains. And I decided to try them for some time. Guys this products for me works amazing. The concept is basically the same as the Clinique chubby stains, and their other on the market targeted for the same porpuse. Their so practical, you just give it a go before you leave the door, they have a really buildable color payoff, and as the time passes it’s when they stain your lips. Then I could drink, kiss, rub my lips and basically the product does not come out. However as time goes it starts to fade in a really pretty way.
I know their some matte finishes but when I went to search for them I just found a limited amount, non were matte. I also want to tell you that the lasting power vary from person to person (as everything). Also I have to point the pleasant minty scent that it is really soothing for the lips and give you a fresh fealling.
To my knowledge the range in United States $ 6.48, in the UK £7.99 and in Latin America $16,800 Colombian pesos.
It is a reasonable price due to the size and how practicle it is plus it is from the drugstore .

Let me know in the comments what you guys think and some other colors to try !


Colors from left to right : 001 honey douce, 025 sweetheart valentine, 030 smitten eprise , 005 crush beguin, 045 romantic romantique


3 thoughts on “Lips on the go!

  1. I have seriously picked these up and walked around numerous stores with these and never bought them! This review was great, I may have to finally pick one or two up, xo!


    • Thanks I really hope you enjoy ! Definitely follow my blog for more posting daily! Keep an eye for more reviews and lookbooks ! I am open for more suggestions! Follow me for more updates on twitter @tanydollyhy


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