Breakfast healthy idea!

Today I come to you guys with a breakfast idea! For those days when you wake up and simply don’t know what to prepare. This happens to me constantly, that is why I decided to share it with you. I decided to do this because beauty not only consist on the clothes you wear or the makeup you wear it consists in the things you eat! I have to do a disclaimer, this is what I like to eat and the things that work for me, also what I consider healthy. I am not a professional I just do what I like. So let’s begin!

This idea is really easy, and has a combination of vegetables and fruit,also grains and protein that gives you the energy to start your day.
First let’s start with the smoothie!

For this one you could add as much or less as you want. It really goes with personal preference.
– One pear
– Four strawberries
– One carrot
– Four leaves of spinach
– oatmeal or granola as you prefer

You simply put the mentioned ingredients in the blender and add a little bit of water and almond milk it depend on the number of glasses you want to make, and blend very well.
The next step is to make a boiled egg. It is really easy and nutritious. You just get a pan put water and a little bit of vinegar so the egg doesn’t break and just wait around 8 minutes. Then you peel it and slice it in two and apply a little of pepper. To accompany my smoothie and egg I like to get some Quakers cookies that have 7 grains and are really tasty.
And that is it !! you have a lovely and easy breakfast idea!


That is it for today guys I really hope you enjoy and find it useful and remember beauty is not just the fashion and the makeup it is also what you give your body. Also don’t forget to drink lots of water!
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April beauty- makeup favorites!!!! :D

As we are to days to finish April I thought this next days I will share with you guys my favorites. Today is going to be beauty ones.
Let’s begin!! πŸ™‚
skin care favorites.
Oriflame antioxidant face wash

As I featured on one of my posts I really enjoyed this moth to use it to exfoliate with a sponge. It has a really pleasant smell, and lathers really good on the skin.
Neutrogena deep clean astringent

This is really good for oily skins. I really don’t have an oily prone skin got one more sensitive. But you know in that time of the month, if I get a little blemish I put a tiny amount of this on top at night and it is amazing. The next day I don’t have it.

First aid beauty ultra repair cream

I recently ran out of my beloved cream that’s why I had to paste a picture that is not taken by me. This cream is really hydrating but the best part of it is that it is not greasy and absorbs really easy. I apply it every night, and it help to make my skin really soft and also free from discolorations.

Now let’s continue with the makeup department !

As mentioned in previous post I love this blush because it really complements fair skins and give a natural look. As it has a cream formula, it is really easy to apply without having to worry to much.

This month I’ve been really into countoring my crease with this mate cream eyeshadow to give dimension or to do it also with my Mac mineralize skin finish at nightime. Countering only your crease and not applying anything else on your eyes give a really natural but put together look.

I’ve been using as an eyeliner the l’bel effet parfait, the dark brown. It is really natural and easy. And as no surprise to you guys, I’ve been using a lot my vanilla eye pencil in my water line to brighten my eyes, and some days I don’t get to much sleep, my maybelline concealer in light.

For the lips department one of my favorites. I’ve been loving my Revlon balm stains, if you want more details I have a complete entry on my blog so go check it out! πŸ˜‰ Also I’ve have notices that applying a little bit of my Mac gloss on the center of my lips is a really nice touch, plus it smells amazing!
And as you guys saw in my everyday makeup bag post, I use a lot my carmex lip balm, really good as a lip treatment.

Finally as I can’t live without perfume I have my favorite combo for the month

First I apply my Givenchy, Ange ou dΓ¨mon, that has a really strong smell, and then on top I use my Victoria’s Secret in aqua kiss that has a really floral but breezy scent that compensates the other one, and it stays in for all the day!

So those are the products I loved this moth guys!
Hope you enjoyed
Until next one πŸ˜‰
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Some of my Beauty natural weapons!

I know sometimes we are looking for some beauty secrets with just 100 precent of natural ingredients on them, I must confess I am one of those persons. Sometimes so today I decided to share with you four of my all natural little “recipes” for a gorgeous skin and hair.
So let’s jump to the point πŸ˜‰

For the first one you are going pure extra olive oil, and honey. You are going to put 3 table spoons on a bowl of the olive oil and 2 of the honey ( depending on the amount you want to make). Then you heat that in the microwave, to allow all the nutrients on them start to act. And then you apply it on you hair, I recommend avoiding the roots. And leave it in for 30 ,I minutes and then rinse and shampoo as normal. This mask will help you to really hydrate your hair.

The next one is a really good scrub I learned it on the hair salon, when I go and get manicurs. You just need any type of hydrating cream and sugar. Then you mix both and apply it in your desired areas. After that you rinse it with water. It is a really soft but effective scrub, plus you could use it everywhere.

The next one is an avocado hair conditioner for people that have really dry hair. It is really easy and so effective.You just need one avocado ( for long hair) and after you shampoo you just apply it to damp hair to the ends not to the roots because you would make it really oily. And you let it hydrate for 3 minutes and then just rinse it with a lot of water.

The last one is one that I use almost daily. It is Argan oil they sell them in any beauty supply store. I apply it to my ends to keep them moisturized throughout the day. And it is very good for a finishing step after you style your hair.

So that is it for today, hope you liked it and try them.
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Floral shorts 3 ways!

As I was taking some pictures of some of what are gonna be three must outfits for me I decided to share with you guys, due that I know it is sometime difficult to work with bold prints and colors. I use an app to plan my outfits that is why I plan sometimes ahead. It is called stylish girl. It consists on taking pictures of your hole outfits or just your simple pieces and you create looks, it gives you the option to safe them for different seasons. Also you can shop online for some pieces.
So here it my three ways to wear this vintage shorts!

This is a really cute but comfy way to incorporate a little bit of spring to your wardrobe, just by using some versatile pieces. The grey tank top is a must because it is really basic and you could use it in any season, I decided to pair it with this sweater, as I mentioned on my spring fashion essentials I love this type of sweaters for spring summer, and they are also really good for winter. If it gets windy I decided to use this knit purple scarf that keep me warm and also is a really good complement to bring out the color in the shorts. And my beloved distressed converse that give the final touch. If you don’t want to go with bare legs just add a pair of white socks or also grey knee high ones I just put together the outfit without.

The next one is really appropriate for any type of event! The black blouse mutes the complete outfit together and makes it more serious without letting the colors contrast with the purple boots.

The next one is my personal favorite! I love how the white tank top contrast with the black leather jacket and makes it kind of monochromatic but the shorts break that typical look, and the beanie ties in the look making it more comfy and effortless. I incorporated this keds shoes because I never use them. I think they are a good addition for spring and help to tie everything in, without having to use the typicall black shoes.

That is it for today guys !:D
Hope you enjoy and begin to wear your shorts, and floral prints mixing them with other seasons cloths, so you don’t have to invest every time πŸ™‚
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Busy day outfit!

Today I had a really busy day! Full with events,and also studying. So I figured why not to share with you a more smart type of outfit,but keeping true to my style. πŸ™‚
Let’s begin !!

I am a total black wearer it is my go to “color”, so I decided to wear my velvet leggings that are really true to my style and the most important really comfy, perfect for a stressful and busy day. Then I decided to wear one of my favorite tank tops ( you guys know I love my tank tops and my t-shirts) and this one complement my fair completion with my blonde hair perfectly plus I love red color. And to give me a smart look I decided to through my black blazer that instantly give me a super professional look. For my shoes I decided to go for my white distressed converse. Due to the very windy day and because I love the pattern I through on my snake print scarf and my lovely beanie. My faithful vintage bag that is really spacious but not bulky is always a must.


For my accessories I decided to add my spiked bangle because it is really true to my style and add a silver bracellette,it was gift from my mom and it gives me that smart look I was going for, and this really precious ring that has dimonds and onix in it, was a gift from my grandma. For earrings , I went for my Chanel earrings, I’ve been really liking the black with rose gold type of look, and also to mix metals.

For my makeup I applied my Revlon powder ( as you might me able to tell I hit pan, I am looking for a good light powder on the market,please,guys give me your recommendations in the comments). Also for my under eyes to be really bright ( you know we don’t get to sleep very well sometimes, that happens πŸ˜‰ ) using the maybelline concealer in light and on my checks a little bit of this cream peachy blush to give a less dead look lol!! For lips my Nivea tinted lip balm.
So that is it for today guys I hope you enjoyed my ootd and find inspiration with my ideas.
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What is in my current makeup bag

Today I was packing my everyday makeup bag on my bag, and I figured It would be a good idea to show you what’s in it !

My lip Balms are very important! They are super must haves. The carmex one is amazing it really helps with chapped lips ( ain’t no body want chapped lips πŸ˜‰ ) I apply it also at night before I go to bed as a lip treatment. And the Nivea one is really good because it is tinted so it is really soft when you don’t want too much on your lips, and also acts as a good base for your lipsticks.

Next is my matte powder, as I’ve mentioned on my previous blogposts, I am not a everyday foundation kind of girl I am more of a simple and practical one. And also I really don’t need it,if I have a blemish ( you know in that time of the month) I apply a little bit of powder with a little brush on top and that’s it. The other product you see is my Revlon sculpting palette that has three items in one and I love to highlight, I really think it give a nice touch without being to intense. It is really practical for touch ups throughout the day. And also a space saver.

This next two lipsticks I really enjoy and might not be a surprise, because I have talked about them in previous blogpost, so I am not going to enter into much detail, I just dab a little on my lips and they are perfect ( depending if I am felling super pinky or just my standard red).

Finally I like to apply on my waterline a beige color, it makes any type of eyes color, in my case my honey eyes really pop and look more light! And the next one,I know it might be a little strange! A little comb, I use it to put eyebrows in place. I really don’t need to fill them up ( I’ve got sort of a cara delevingne type of eyebrows lol). So I just comb them,to prevent them from having a proper life lol. Also this is a really good tip when you don’t have a brow type of brush.
That is it for today guys hope you liked browsing through my current daily makeup bag ! I wanted to make it a short entry regarding my latest have been a little bit extensive.
An πŸ˜‰
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Spring- summer nails inspired by the runways ..

Today I am coming to you guys with a very different thing,From the ones I am used to do on my blog. I was checking elle uk magazine and I decided to recreate two looks and share them with you guys! They are really simple, hope you try them at home.
So let’s begin
The first look is really easy it is especially for summer, I really liked it because it is really colorful and give a really nice touch.
The first picture if from New York spring summer 2014 fashion week in the Peter Som runway, and the second is taken from Paris fashion week at the Louis Vuitton show. I was more inspired by the peter som one,but the only difference to the other is their are matte. To make your nails matte without having to invest on a matte topcoat, you just put in a pan water to boil,when the water is boiling you put directly to the vapor your freshly painted nails and that’s it you have matte nails!
So for this look we need
One darker blue nail polish color, and a kind of turquoise one.
The next step is to paint all your nails with the darker blue color and let them dry really well. Once you have them dry you apply the turquoise color at the bottom part of your nails, and you should have something like this.
If your prefer you could do an arch to the turquoise part, I just find it easier to do a straight line.

The next trend is amazing for spring time, it is really feminine, and perfect also for special occasions.

This nails are from London fashion week at the Giles runway. Jeweled nails are a great accessory to any look.
As I don’t have any type of exact jewels for nails and the special glue I decided to be creative and use only nail polishes to achieve the look.I think they are pretty similar , and the good thing is that they are more wearable than putting on some jewels and also will last longer.
This are the polishes we will need
A lilac nail polish, a lilac or purple glitter polish,silver nail polish, a black one , and a gold one.
Another thing I have to tell you guys, if you don’t have a dotting tool don’t panic, remember we are imitating jewels, so we just use the tip of the normal nail polish brush we have. You can do the “jewels” as big or as little as you wish to.
So we start by painting all of the nails with the lilac color

Then we take the silver polish and make some type of dots ( the more imperfect the better) and then we get the black nail polish and do some more dots near the silver ones.

Then after those dry really well, we start to make more dots,but this time with the glitter polish on top of the black and silver ones we previously did,try to apply thick chunks, then you make a few ones (less than the others) with the gold one. And that is it you should have something similar as this ( remember you can do them as big or little as you wish).

So that is basically it I really hope you guys enjoy this tutorial type of thing and recreate the look! Tweet me pictures of your look to @andreflowerrett
See you on the next one
An πŸ™‚
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Shopping at sheinside !

Hello guys, today I come to you with a recommendation of a place to shop online! This site is amazing because it has a lot of sales and the shipping is really good. I also have to tell you that you could find things for people with all kind of styles, and also for any event. I was browsing and I was hocked there for hours. I was really surprised to find really fashionable and on trend items, and the best part is the price range, things you could afford with really good textures.
So I am going to share with you my favorite items I was drawn when I was checking their website (

You guys know that I am really into pieces that are versatile, and suitable for any type of occasion. This tops really drag my eye because they have amazing quality and I really think they are staples on your wardrope, plus you don’t have to worry if they are on trend or not because they are timeless. I have to tell you that the price range was something that I really like, such staples and timeless things for really amazing prices.

This jumpers, guys I love them each of them would give such a unique touch to your outfit and also give you that casual vibe to it. Their designs are really fun and would definitely make you stand out immediately. And the bustier type of thing is so cute and appropriate for the spring summer, plus you could combine it with such simple things and just with the top you are going to look amazing.

I am suck a jacket lover, you just wear the right jacket and boom have an amazing outfit. I was really impressed by the quality of these jackets, and the price is amazing suck bargains! Plus they are really trendy, you have all in one with this jackets.

The bottoms are really spring- summer friendly, the great part is they have for any type of climate around the world ( you know the spring summer is not the same in everyplace of the world like in Argentina that right now they are in winter) so this is a massive bonus because they are not just limited to one country.

This glasses omg guys I was looking for pairs like this everywhere! They are so fun for the summer and spice out any outfit including this bikini that I love the colors are amazing and the strapless top won’t let you get those nasty tan lines. This bag is really good for anytime of the year and I was impressed by the structure of it.

So that is it for today guys I invite you to check this website I genuinely love it and the prices are really good, for the type of high quality items they sell, and they ship internationally, shoutout to those who live in South America that is always a pain in the ass to get things delivered there.
Hope you enjoy my shopping recommendation
Until next time
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Lazy outfit !!!

Today was one of those days, you are really lazy and get dressed really late. So I put together an outfit to share with you guys but at the same time, wear it!

I love leather look alike leggings, they give my personal touch to an outfit and give me the leggings type of comfort. They also go with everything and are really versatile. Then I decided to wear my super chunky knit type of sweater that is really easy going, and tides everything together. I always wear my boots they are so trusty and simply give me lots of comfort. To put in all my random stuff I love this hand me down, bag my mom gave me, it is soo spacious but at the same time has the great size,not to feel you are carrying a whole load of luggage .

For my makeup I just wear sunscreen, obviously you know I love my lipsticks so I only wear that. I used my Revlon lipbutter On top, I featured in yesterday post, and my Mac lipstick in spice. This helps my lipstick to be darker. And for accessories I wear this two spiked bangles, and this little bangle I got on a flee market.

So that is it for today’s ootd, hope you enjoy, until next time
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My favorite red lipsticks

So today as I was getting ready to go out, I decided it was a good idea to share with you guys some of my red lipsticks,lipbutters,and lip stains, and also some tinted lip balms. I got to tell you guys that I am a huge red-lip wearer no matter what time of the years. I usually don’t wear the in a really intense way I wear them really softly on my lips.
So without more rambling lets get to the point!

I prep my lips with this Chapstick in cherry because it help to smooth my lips and start giving a rosy tint to it, plus it has SPF that protects them.

When I want a really natural look I just apply a real tiny amount of my Revlon ultimate suede that is in a real intense red, and the amazing part is that it is like a Chapstick consistency so it looks really smooth on the lips, and it is a really approximate shade to my natural lips color so it just enhance them.

This stain is really good I am not going to enter into much detail, because you guys can check more about it on my lips on the go! Blogpost I did before. I use this when I want something that is going to last me for hours on a row and never fade away.

This maybelline red is amazing when I want a really bold lip, and for a really special dinner or night out. It is just the perfect pin up color that combined with my porcelain skin give a doll effect.

This lipstick is one that I was sent by a Brazilian company called Natura and I’ve start to love because it is so buildable guys that I just use it as a little stain and last me all the day or you could use it for that really bold matte lips,but I never use it for those purposes.

This two are ones that are soft as butter just as it’s name,the first is more of a burgundy red color and the other one a bright red. I use them a lot because they are really light. But a thing I don’t like is that they don’t last really long on your lips.

Finally my Mac red that I use for special times, I am not getting into much detail because I talked about it on my beauty scenario tag! Head over there to check that out. And I always want to show you more new products I genuinely love and really enjoy, plus that they are really affordable.

So that is it for you guys I hope you liked seen my red top loves lol :).
And also that you could pick your favorite from my recommendations and the ones I live and enjoy.
Until next time
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